Two New AI Chat Bots to Accelerate Your Resin 3D Printing Journey


Introducing Resina and pSai: Our Resin 3D Printing AI Chatbots

Today we are extremely excited to announce two different AI chat bots that we have been building, to rapidly empower engineers with the tools that they need to evaluate photopolymer resin 3D printing for their applications.

Frankly, we built the first tool out of sheer necessity and self preservation. This bot, named pSai, is specifically trained on all of polySpectra’s technical product information.

Our team was inundated with customer support emails, inquiring about various aspects of our 3D printing process. Given that COR photopolymers are compatible with a broad range of 3D printers from leading OEMs and at various price points, there are numerous permutations to consider while helping someone understand if they have the appropriate facilities and equipment to use our resin products.

While these questions may seem simple and straightforward to us, and in many cases we believe are clearly answered on our documentation website, our prospective customers were having a hard time finding the answers they needed. In summary, we weren’t serving our customers well - we were getting so many support emails that it was taking us quite a while to respond to them.

We were amazed by the speed at which we could train the AI to handle legitimate user inquiries about the highly technical aspects of our products. (In case you are curious, here is a personal website post from our founder about this initial experience using AI for customer support.) Initially, we tested the bot solely on our documentation website, to ensure that we were satisfied with its performance. pSai is now accessible via the top navigation header on the entire website.

While pSai is a huge win-win for both polySpectra and the engineers we seek to serve, we were simply too excited about these AI superpowers to stop there. Our thought process was, “well, if we were able to train the bot on our resin 3D printing knowledge base, what if we could create a chat bot that would evolve into the absolute authority on all of resin 3D printing?"

We wanted this project to be much bigger than just polySpectra’s products. So we’ve launched this new chat bot named “Resina” at The AI is still actively learning as much as it can about this very rich topic. We’ve set up a system for Resina to learn and improve from users' questions and feedback.

Warning: if you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance that you know more than Resina (currently) does about resin printing. Give it some feedback about where its knowledge gaps are, how it could better answer the question. We’ve set up a system where Resina will retrain itself every night. The idea is that even if Resina can’t answer a specific question today, this process of self improvement will give it the possibility of answering that question tomorrow.

We’ve had a lot of fun building and using these tools ourselves, but they’re not meant for us, they’re meant for you. We hope that you’ll give them both a try.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for pSai or Resina, you can give that feedback directly to the chat bot, and our team will see those suggestions and make improvements based on your valuable input. Why not give them a try today?