polySpectra Products Now Available via Digi-Key!


polySpectra Products Now Available via Digi-Key!

Just a year after first commercializing our ultra-rugged COR 3D printing resins, and mere months after extending to desktop compatibility, we’re expanding their availability in a huge way. In addition to our own eCommerce platform, we’re thrilled to extend availability of polySpectra’s 3D printing products via one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and automation products.

Digi-Key Electronics is no stranger to pioneering, having been among the 1970s’ first wave of mail-order catalog businesses. Now as the platform moves further into the 21st century and Industry 4.0, they have become a trusted distributor of 3D printing products.

Design engineers and procurement professionals seeking digital solutions have long turned to Digi-Key to work more smoothly and enable more efficient workflows in prototyping through production. The platform has seen its “Prototyping, Fabrication Products” category grow to include 3D printers, 3D printing accessories, and 3D printing filaments (materials) alongside other accessories and equipment.

We’re thrilled to bring our ultra-rugged 3D printing offerings to this trusted platform!

“Bringing these materials to a strong platform is a big step for us as a company,” said polySpectra Founder and CEO Raymond Weitekamp, PhD. “Opening up through additional markets enables more people to gain access to what we think are the most rugged resins able to be 3D printed today. Engineers, designers, and end users who want to add more capabilities to their toolbox can now shop where they’re already shopping. The same professionals we’re talking to have trusted Digi-Key for a long time, so it’s a natural alignment for us to create a supplier center with them.”

COR Alpha, COR Black, and new COR Bio* resins are all available in their 405nm wavelength formulations, tuned for desktop 3D printing. To finish the 3D printing, waveCure and supaRinse post-processing products feature alongside the materials.

(*COR Bio coming soon!)

The polySpectra offerings are available now for shipping across the US at Digi-Key – check out our growing supplier center today.

polyspectra on digi-key