The World’s Most Rugged 3D Printed Polymer

Finally, a 3D-printable material that can go head-to-head with molded engineering plastics.

High Impact

polySpectra COR Alpha is the most rugged polymer on the market. How rugged is COR Alpha?

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Virtually Unbreakable

Ready to rumble.

Accidentally drop your beautiful, brittle part? Super frustrating, we know. COR Alpha has incredible impact strength. We broke the first blender we tried!

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Rugged under heat.

Most photopolymers suffer from very low working temperatures, they will deform when heated. COR Alpha takes the heat like a pro.

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Virtually Uncrushable

Rugged under pressure.

Want to build something real? COR Alpha is tough enough to take a beating. Watch our part crushed under almost 4 tons.

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Nearly Undissolvable

Stands up to solvents.

Need parts that won’t submit to harsh solvents like acetone? Rest assured that COR Alpha will stay strong.

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Take Your Onsite Additive Manufacturing to the Next Level with COR Alpha

COR photopolymer resins are intended for use by trained additive manufacturing professionals working in industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory facilities. At this time, we discourage printing with COR in home or office environments.

Please review the documentation before ordering resin.
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Not Ready for Resin?

Don’t have the right equipment? No problem.

polySpectra can print COR Alpha parts for you. Simply drag and drop your CAD or 3D model file for an instant quote.

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Rugged resin you can trust.

The core is COR.

COR stands for Cyclic Olefin Resin, a new family of engineering-grade materials for additive manufacturing developed by polySpectra. All of our COR materials feature:

  • Impressive Impact Strength
  • High Working Temperatures
  • Moisture- and Chemical-Resistance
  • Biocompatibility
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