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Specialized Expertise

Design for Additive Manufacturing

polySpectra has helped Fortune 500 customers accelerate the additive manufacturing of a wide array of products, including medical and dental devices, aerospace components, automotive parts, robotics effectors and electrical connectors.

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Reduced Waste

Implicit design

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polySpectra specializes in implicit design using nTop Platform.
Lattices, lightweighting and triply-periodic structures are often challenging to incorporate into product design. Accelerate your impact by leveraging our team and tools.
Precision To 25 Microns

Field-driven topology

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Topology optimization (topopt) is a budding field. Whether you’ve never heard about it or are already using it every day, our design team can guide your topopt workflow. Minimize mass, reduce costs, increase throughput - all while ensuring the quality of your components and the safety of the systems and products you are building.
Backed by Science

thermomechanical analysis

  • We bring a deep knowledge of chemistry and materials science to our design analysis. As a company we have five years of experience in testing the thermomechanical, biological and dielectric properties of additive materials.
  • Failure mode analysis is an important aspect of product design. Let our engineering team bring an additive-informed perspective to your product testing.
  • The design of compliant structures is one of our specialties. Snap-fit components and personalized dental products are just two areas in which we have deep experience at the intersection of digital topology and materials science.
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Build orientation and support structures

Support structures are a necessary evil of most forms of additive manufacturing. We are experts in support design. Our objective is to maximize print accuracy while minimizing support material.